Konstnärer i Kalmar län

Rebecka Marie Gustafsson

Kommun: Nybro
Född: 1975
Tekniker: ,

Rebecka Marie Gustafsson


My Art Story:

I grew up in Japan by the foot of the volcano Mount Asama. I remember the magic mornings when the ash from Mt. Asama covered the world in grey. It was a an adventurous childhood. I have memories from journeys with our little Toyota Sunny on narrow roads in misty mountains. The silent beauty of the bamboo forest, beautiful Geishas in colorful kimonos, the big cities, always awake, the lovely shores and the wild sea. So many impressions and pictures in my mind of Japan. Every fourth year we traveled home to Scandinavia. I remember a really cold winter in North Norway. It was in the early 1980s and we saw the northern lights. The snow was so deep that my grandfather had to jump out of the window upstairs to shovel the snow away from the door so we could get out! Norway was my winter paradise and Sweden became my summer paradise. Green meadows and flowers everywhere, blue sky and small white clouds. I fell in love with the beautiful white birches. All three countries; Japan, Norway and Sweden, became my homelands.

I started working as an artist by the age of 11. I´ve already decided that I wanted to become an artist, so I walked from door to door in the city Kosai to sell my illustrations and photographs. I think people mostly bought my stuff because I was a kid, haha. However, this encouraged me to continue my career as an artist. As a teenager, I worked with mixed materials and custom made art here in Sweden. After a few years, I felt that I needed to make a decision of what to do with all that creativity.

In Autumn 2004, I became a student at Ölands Konstskola (Ölands School of Art) and remained there for 3 years. During my time there, I got a big art assignment at Guldfågeln AB in Mörbylånga, which became the jumpstart I needed as an artist.

Art Career:

Since June 2009, I´ve been working as a professional artist.

Fine Art Photography is my passion. I get inspired by history, myths, cloudy days, abandoned places and darkness.

Where there is darkness, there must also be light. My light is painting. All my paintings are very colorful and inspired by the Japanese culture.



Female mystical voice of the Swedish metalband Melech.




Art Exhibitions : Group 

  • 2020.11.06-2020.11.22 : KALMAR PHOTO ART – Persona Galleri – Jurybedömd utställning. https://www.personagalleri.se/kommande/
  • 2017.02.04 – 2017.03.18: SYN PÅ PORTRÄTT – Oskarshamns Konsthall
  • 2015.11.28 – 2016-01.09 : STJÄRNFALL –  Oskarshamns Konsthall
  • 2015.09.12-13 : Konst Runt www.konstrunt.nu
  • 2015.03.13-03.26 : Group Exhibition, Galerie Thuillier, PARIS, FRANCE
  • 2015.01.02-01.16 : Only Woman, Gallery Quirinus, KÖPING
  • 2012.12.13-15: “The Soul Of Sweden”, 10 Photographers from Sweden : Yousif Akar/Sara Riis Hasselskog/Gabriel Flores Jair/Veronica Svensson/Zarreen Taj Vahedi/Carina Brandt/Lohla-Marie De Bie/Johan Berglund/Ulrika Walmark/Rebecka Marie Gustafsson – at UNIVERSITY OF AL-ANBAAR, IRAQ
  • 2012.06.02-06-10: Erika Norberg och Rebecka Marie Gustafsson, Kvarnlyckan 111, WASSMOLÖSA
  • 2011.04.30: Oscar Reutersvärd, Ronny Rodhammar, Lena Kamras, Rebecka Marie Gustafsson, m.fl. INVIGNINGSUTSTÄLLNING Galleri Crona, MÖRBYLÅNGA
  • 2009.02.09: “Mer än bara jag”, Ölands Konstskola II & III. Pukebergs Konsthall, NYBRO
  • 2008: Ölands Konstskolas avgångsutställning.Oskarshamns Konsthall, OSARSHAMN
  • 2004: Tre Kvinnor; Johanna Lindwall, Josefine Julén, Rebecka Gustafsson. Gamla Mejeriet, NYBRO

Art Exhibitions : Separate

  • 2016.10.22 – 12.03 : THE BANSHEE PROJECT – An Irish Horror Story, Konsthallen, Oskarshamns Kulturhus
  • 2014.05.24 – 2014.06.13 : REBECKA MARIE MÅLERI –  Köpings Kommun, Utställningshallen, KÖPING
  • 2013.07.06-28: REBECKA MARIE – Måleri och foto – Galleri Garvaregården, LÅNGASJÖ
  • 2013.04.08-27 : Smurfit Kappa, Madesjövägen & Titanvägen, NYBRO
  • 2012.11.01-30 : Stockfleth Art Gallery, Rödövre, Copenhagen, DENMARK
  • 2012.09.01-30: “En Sensommarutställning”, Galleri Rebecka Marie, SANDSLÄTT
  • 2011: Mystik & Passion II – Galleri Crona, MÖRBYLÅNGA
  • 2011: MYSTIK & PASSION – Oskarshamns Konsthall, OSKARSHAMN
  • 2009:”Klippdockan Rebecka 1:1″Kalmar Konstmuséum:Rotundan, KALMAR


  • 2011:”Ett samtal om fotokonst” tillsammans med Malin Gustavsson, Sveriges Radio P4 Kultur, Kalmar

http://Länk: http://sverigesradio.se/sida/artikel.aspx?programid=3101&artikel=4332439

  • 2011: Biroll i kortfilmen “Institution”. Författad och regisserad av Johanna Lindwall, JL Productions.

Guldträdet, Måleri på järnpelare, Guldfågeln AB, Mörbylånga, 2012
Sveriges Radio Kalmar P4 Kultur, Samtal om Konstfoto, Kalmar, 2011
Bildserien “Inklippt”, Fotomontage, 4 st, Oskarshamns Konsthall, 2011
Tre stora målningar samt fotomontage med Ölandsmotiv a 220 x160 utförda till Guldfågeln AB, Olja och Akryl på duk samt Foto på kapofix, Guldfågeln AB, Mörbylånga, 2009

Ölands Konstskola III – Påbyggnadsår, 2008 – 2009
Ölands Konstskola II, 2007 – 2008
Bild & Form, Ölands FHSK, 2003 – 2004