Eva Fidjeland

Kommun: Nybro

Tekniker: Datorbaserad konst , Fotografi , Glas , Performance

Glaskonstnär, bildkonstnär, fotograf. Hon har en brokig bakgrund med uppväxtår i Portugal, Libanon, Afghanistan och Iran. Hon är även poet. Hennes diktsamling Metamorfos utkom 2007, och därefter Astartes mage, 2009, på NIKITHAFörlag. Representerad: Malmöhus Läns Landsting, Kalmar Läns Landsting, Blekinge Läns Landsting, Statens Sjöhistoriska Museum, Norrköpings Konstmuseum, Vetlanda Museum, Nybro Kommun, Hultsfreds Kommun. Medlemskap i KRO.

EVA FIDJELAND is an artist, poet and photographer who lives in Orrefors, Sweden. She was born in Stockholm in 1955. Her art reflects cultural influences from childhood years spent in Portugal, Lebanon, Iran and Afghanistan. In 1978 she went to live in the artists’ village Ein Hod in Israel, where she learnt the art of making stained glass from Professor Joseph Chaaltiel — http://ein-hod.info/artists/ora. UPON RETURNING to Sweden Ms. Fidjeland was approached by the Vasa Museum to reconstruct glass details for the famous Vasa Ship from the 17th century — http://www.vasamuseet.se/en/The-Ship. The new Vasa Museum was inaugurated in 1990. EVA Fidjeland has exhibited her work at numerous museums and galleries in Sweden as well as abroad.

DOMINIC RICHARDSON, writer and editor of Art Bracket LLC (www.artbracket.com) writes this about Eva Fidjeland: ”A new trend in visual art is emerging due to artist Eva Fidjeland’s implementation of an innovative, creative approach to the process of manufacturing art. The artist is known internationally for creating in a variety of mediums, from the traditional canvas to digital, and is currently presenting her work in a new style of collaborative art. The artist is displaying her creative expertise within the various mediums and is also transforming her physical expression and character for introduction within her creations. Fidjeland is seamlessly incorporating aspects of digital technology with visual and performing art, creating unique works that tell stories through intricate details.” *

Primary Forms with a Bold Function I like the slight melancholy mystery of these images. In general, the softened color palette and contrast evokes a faded memory, but the primary forms have a bold function. `Evolution´ employes a primordial form, spiraling up out of the water like a mythic sea creature. I also see the faintly grainy quality and washed out magenta tonality as harkening back to old photographic documentary film, though I´m unsure of the media/process actually employed here. I find the vertical orientation is also unexpected for the surreal landscape, as the weighty spiral form doesn´t appear able to sustain its upward thrust for long, as it curls into itself. The piece entitled `Liz´ is an enticing picture as well; some more direct photographic reference to lizards is evident; but there is also a diffused manipulation of the image that muffles direct or overt pictorial representation.

The resulting image calls to mind pictographic symbolism from a host of ethnic traditions and artistic eras. In this way, `Liz´ rminds me of a mellowed Florence Putterman painting. So the piece seems less about the natural subject depicted, and more about the state of flux, or evanescent movement. (Written on May 11, 2013 by resident curator Kristen T Woodward, Professor of Art at Albright College in Reading PA, USA).

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Separata utställningar

Galerie Stexwig, Borgwedel, Tyskland, 2013
Galerie K, Kiel, Tyskland, 2011
Kalmar Konstmuseum, Kalmar, 2003
Bo01, Malmö, 2001
Teatergalleriet, Kalmar, 1994


Lödöse Museum, Lödöse, 2002
Växjö Konsthall, Växjö, 1996
Norrköpings Stadsmuseum, Norrköping, 1994
Smålands Museum, Växjö, 1993
Galleri Ikaros, Göteborg, 1989