Kommun: Kalmar

Kommun: Borgholm

Kultivator is an experimental cooperation of organic farming and visual art practice,
situated in rural village Dyestad, on the island Öland on the southeast coast of Sweden.
By installing certain functions in abandoned farm facilities, near to the active agriculture community,
Kultivator provide a meeting and working space that points out the parallels between provision production
and art practice, between concrete and abstract processes for survival.
Kultivator initiates and executes meetings between idealism and realism,
hoping that fruitful cooperation’s should take form

Kultivator was founded in 2005 by artists Mathieu Vrijman, Malin Lindmark Vrijman and Marlene Lindmark and farmers Henric Stigeborn and Maria Lindmark, and is now an open group, with members varying from project to project. Three fixed positions are:

Artistic coordinators: Mathieu Vrijman and Malin Lindmark Vrijman,
Farm manager; Henric Stigeborn.
If you are interested in a residency period, a lecture, collaboration or just visit on our farm, please contact us!

Mer information

2006 ”Allotment” Cirkulationscentralen Malmö. SE.
“Partake, ruminations on art and the culture of food,” greenmuseum.org San Francisco, US.
2007 “Supermodel” Gallery W139, Amsterdam, NL.
2008 “Vision in motion, Motion in vision” Verbeke foundation, Antwerpen, BE.
“In-Site”, Sculptors guild, New York, US.
2009 ”Land, art at the Wilhelmina Polder”. Dutch foundation SKOR, Zeeland, NL.
Cowdown, Seed up!” Eu agriculture ministers meeting installation Växjö Konsthall. Växjö, SE.
2010 “Banns of Marriage” Kalmar konstmuseum, Kalmar, SE.
2011 “Ditch it” National Gallery, Liverpool Biennial, UK.
Radical artpractises” Group exhibition, Gallery 21, Malmö, SE
Alt_CPH” Copenhagen alternative artfair, Copenhagen, DK
Imagine farm” Århus Kunstbygning, Århus, DK
Lunch with cows” Halikonlahti Green art trilogy, Salo, FIN
2012 “Crosscultural Nomadic coffe cheese”, Barents Spektakel, Kirkenes, NO
Gnestopia” Artlab Gnesta, SE
Gran´s University” Cirkulationscentralen, Malmö, SE
Top soil” Odla! Den blå Planeten, Botkyrka Konsthall, Botkyrka, SE
“Utopiska projekt” Ölands museum, Himmelsberga, SE
Hungry City” Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, DE
Fittja Open” Botkyrka Konsthall, Botkyrka, SE
Belgrade artfair” Culturni centra Beograd, SER
“Cartographies of hope” Dox center for contemporary art, Prague, CZ
2013 “Friend farm discussion” Supermarket artfair, Stockholm, SE
“Elders Hill” Kalmar konstmuseum, SE
“YAK-YAK” National gallery, Swanhill, AUS
2014 ”Land reform” Gislaved Konsthall, Gislaved, SE
Fittja Pavillion” Serra di Giardini, Arkitekturbiennalen, Venedig, I
Dry toilet” The new Biennale of art and architecture, Fittja, Stockholm, SE
Return ticket” Creative Times summit, Museum of modern art, Stockholm, SE
Urban horse sound” Rotundan, Kalmar, SE
2015 “A better version of home”, Residency at Strade di vini. Castelvenere Neapel, I
Geophagia” World art day IAA, Cake and debate. Stockholm . SE
Table of plenty” food and refugee workshop, public dinner, at Agora house, Berlin, DE
2016 “Pop up Folkhögskola” At Kalmar Light festival, Norrliden, Kalmar, SE
“The Epicentre of everything” Gallery syster, Luleå, SE
2017 “Unknown Planet” Public commission by Eskilstuna Kommun, for Vilsta recreation area Eskilstuna, SE