Kommun: Kalmar

Tekniker: Akvarell , Installationer , Måleri , Skulptur , Teckning

I am a visual artist based in Greece and Sweden.
I have studied at the School of Visual and Applied Arts of
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in northern Greece and
participated in an Erasmus exchange for one year at Ecole
Superiéure Des Beaux Arts de Nimes in France.
My work revolves around
images of a surrealistic quality with both abstract and
illustrative elements. My subjects of interest are the
human body, its tones and skin textures, as well as
elements of nature, all depicted in a dreamlike quality. I
want to record feelings and states of being through my way
of painting as well as the many faces of nature.
I primarly work with oil paints, but I also work with
aquarelle and ink, and lately wood whittling.

Since 2019, I been based primarily in Kalmar, Sweden.
Ateljeinnehavare i Ateljéhus Pukeberg , Nybro.

Mer information

• Foca Negra, Foca Negra maleri utstallning, Aten, Grekland. 07.2019
• Leeda Maria. Post Diploma Exhibition, Thessaloniki Grekland.
• Kagelbanan, Villa Solbacken Svensknabben, Kalmar Sweden Maj 2020
• Sommarutstallning Pukeberg, grupp utstallning, Nybro, Sweden Juli 2020
• Vandalorum Under Radande Omstandigheter utstallning, Sweden, September 2020
• Artist profile filed by the Institute of Contemporary Art 02.2020 Athens,
• Sommarutstallning Pukeberg 2021, utstallare samt samordnare utav utstallning.
• Nybro Konstförening Varsalong, 2022.
• Sommarutställning Pukeberg 2022, utställare samt samordnare utav utställning.